A class perfect for children aged 2 ½ – 5 years who love moving to music. They can learn the foundations of ballet and tap technique in a fun and imaginative environment as the lessons develop skills in:

  • Co-ordination, Balance and Control
  • Creativity and imagery
  • Spatial awareness
  • Working with others
  • Musicality
  • Confidence

The benefits of ballet to the child are numerous.

  • Enhanced agility
  • Co-ordination
  • Balance
  • Concentration

Whilst developing an understanding of music and rhythm are the keys to a graceful and elegant dancer. Your child’s ballet journey begins with our fun-filled ‘Twinkle Toes’ classes where the toddlers learn to interact with other children in a structured environment with our gentle and encouraging teachers whilst with Mummy/Daddy or Carer. This allows for a smooth transition into Dance to your Own Tune Classes.

From the age of 5 years your young ballerina has the option of taking a more formal path and enroll in the internationally recognised Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus ballet classes. Class Awards and Exams are available but optional at the school right through to vocational level. We also offer teacher training.

Tap dance is a form of dance using the sound of your tap shoes striking the floor to produce rhythms. The sound is made by the metal ‘tap’ on the toe and heel of the shoe. It is often associated with the films of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly and is tremendously popular with all ages. You will see tap dancing in many a musical. It teaches:

  • Co-ordination
  • Rhythm
  • Musicality

After a short period of time students can make real progress and show some really impressive results. Children especially love tap, being able to make lot’s of noise! It is also believed that tap dancing can help with the study of musical instruments and perhaps could even be counted as a form of music itself. It’s energetic, lively and a great form of exercise with fabulous music and much more fun than going to the gym! Tap dance really can improve fitness and is also a great social activity as often students work together to create their own pieces of choreography.

In our classes we teach a mixture of ISTD syllabus work to ensure that the children are progressing and learning new technique but we also incorporate ‘free’ un-set exercises, routines and show dances to a range of different styles of music. Our minimum entry age for tap dance is 2 and a half years and all ages and levels are catered for, from Pre Primary level and through Grades 1-6.

Adult tap dance classes are also available and our next course is commencing on 1st May 2019 booking essential please register.

Modern dance is the style often seen in various shows and musicals. We follow the exam syllabus of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing as well as using our own free work to fully develop children’s potential as well as working on show work which promotes strong technique alongside fostering excellent performance skills.

These skills are then easily transitioned onto the stage, which is one of the key aims of the school. Modern dance classes are targeted for the young growing minds and is a combination of a range of dance styles within one dance syllabus which focuses on travelling and encompassing dance space. This combination helps your children to experience and explore the common links of rhythm and improvisation. Every grade consists of various features of contemporary, jazz and street elements which develop strong skills and techniques that are essential for being an all-round dancer.

Modern helps students to express themselves while focusing on balance, alignment, strength and flexibility in order to develop a strong and versatile dance technique. This is an energetic style of dance that children and adults love and compliments ballet training particularly well.
We currently offer Modern dance from the age of 4 at the school and is particularly beneficial to children already taking Ballet.

Love singing, acting and dancing? Our Musical Theatre classes give children the chance to explore all 3 genres in a supportive and encouraging environment. Expert tuition is given to teach dance routines, learn scripts and develop children’s confidence in speech and song. Every musical cumulates in an end of year performance where the children can showcase their natural talent and the skills they have learned along the way. This year’s musical is Peter Pan!