Dance for Well-Being.

Why not treat your employees to a little bit of “R and R” giving them something beneficial to their health and assisting company productivity all at the same time?

A carefully prepared dance workshop for adults of all ages to suit all businesses large or small. A smooth, flowing class for individuals interested in using dance as a fitness for circulation, flexibility, breathing, toning and an overall feeling of well-being. Dance has proven health benefits and is on par with swimming and of course is a fun way to exercise.  The class has been created with specially selected music, which is both invigorating and calming at the same time.

Well-being dance classes are embraced already in the workplace in much of America and Europe. I can tailor this package to suit the needs of your company and the space you have.  It can be for one day or some companies now choose to have regular workshops for their employees either within work time or outside of working hours.

Team Building Dance Classes.

Teamwork is all important in dance and everything else we do.  From experience if one dancer is tired and not kicking their legs, they will soon bring the rest of the cast down.  Likewise, if one dancer is full of energy it will raise the spirits of the group.  Why not bring this class into the workplace and allow employees to build their own musical or dance routine.

Professional Dancers for your Corporate Events.

End of year party? Product launches?  Do you need dancers for your event?  Contact me with an idea of what you are looking for and I will suggest some ideas to make your event that extra bit special working within your budget .  Call me on 0876565843.

Zumba fitness classes are now available for your company or business.

A great workout bursting with colourful energy and rhythm.  Great for team building.

Christmas Party Bookings 2015

Have some fun this Christmas by taking your team for a fun filled dance class.  Themes to suit every business, team or group.