Armchair Exercise for Nursing Homes

A gentle exercise class in the comfort of your own home.  We come to you and have some fun with music andgentle exercises you don’t even have to leavethe chair for.  Colourful props are also used and the benefits for both the mind and body are endless.  I have listed a few health benefits below.

•    Restore a sense of normalcy in a person’s life •    Reduce stress •    Builds confidence •    Opportunities to socialize and reduce social isolation •    Toxins release through sweating •    Build stamina •    Maintain flexibility •    Build strength and muscle tone of arms and shoulders •    Increase endurance •    Improve coordination •    Manage weight •    Increase self-esteem & personal worth •    Opportunity to be playful •    Pleasure •    Satisfaction•    Laughter & Joy •    When you exercise you feel better-dance is exercise and movement •    Elevate mood •    Diminish agitation •    Decrease blood pressure •    Increase level of excitement and anticipation •    Increase opportunities to be spontaneous •    Opportunity for Self expression •    Failure Free Event so it is purposeful and meaningful •    Movement relieves aches and pain •    Increase in appetite •    Increase alertness •    Sleep better •    Rejuvenate the spirit •    Reminisce •    Maintain long term memories •    More connected and awareness of the body •    Dance provides a safe place to express feelings

Also ask Victoria about putting on a voluntary show for your nursing home.  Her pupils would be very happy to come and perform perhaps for a special event or at Christmas time.  Call 0876565843