Exams and Class Awards/Tests

Exams at Victoria Walker Dance are available and offer children and adults something to strive towards and to be rewarded for their hard work.  Although they are an important part of the school they are encouraged and not compulsary.  Victoria understands that in current times exam fees may be a struggle and would like parents and guradians to be aware this is why they are optional.

We follow the RAD for ballet and the ISTD for Modern and Tap. Victoria will only allow pupils to be considered for exams when they are ready there is no panic for when your child enters.  Extra classes will be available near to exam times if needed and Victoria would encourage all children to attend. RAD Exam Results are in congratulations we are delighted all Merits and Distinctions. Victoria will not pay for your childs entry fee if you miss the date. Remember exams mean commitment to attend classes and to practice at home.

RAD BALLET CLASS AWARDS AND EXAMS 2016 will take place on 27th and 28th November.  Exact times and date for your child/children will be posted on the studio notice board once available.

ISTD MODERN AND TAP CLASS TESTS AND EXAMS will take place between 22nd February and 18th March 2017.