Please click on the link for your uniform list.  If children still fit into previous uniforms these can be worn until they grow out of them or until they take an examination whichever arrives first.  All uniform is available from the school please ask for details.


Baby Ballet, Toddling Tap, Pre Primary and Primary

Grade 1 and Grade 2 Ballet Grade 3 to 5

Primary and Graded Modern and Tap

Black footless stirruped dance leggings Choice of coloured sleeveless leotard feet or Jazz shoes (recommend from Grade 3 Modern) Pink Tap Shoes for Primary or Black Tap shoes for all other Grades

Street Dance/ Hip Hop Classes Victoria Walker Dance School hoodie and/or t-shirt or equivalent Tracksuit bottoms or leggings Knee Pads (recommended) Runners

Victoria Walker Dance School Hoodie

(Optional but great for keeping warm on the way to class)